Closed Beta

Welcome to the Closed Beta test of Phat Contract!

If you haven’t registered yet, fill in the application form to get involved.

What you will experience

You will be able to use trustless off-chain computation that doesn’t suffer from the limitations traditionally faced by Web3 computation.

  • Phala Network brings decentralization, scale, and security, and manages the deployment of your compute off-chain.
  • Phat Contract brings a quantum leap in capability, a serverless SDK you can write almost anything with.

For the first time, you can easily implement important Web3 services on a decentralized infrastructure, like

  • Easily building decentralized Oracle;
  • Allowing customers to sign in to your DApps with Web2 accounts through OAuth;
  • Controlling your smart contracts even if they are on different chains;
  • Reading and storing data to any storage services while remaining private;

and more for us to explore together.

Table of contents

  • Getting Started is prepared for everyone new to Phat Contract, even if you do not have any programming experience. It has no requirements on your operating system or environment. Follow our tutorial to:
    • Generate the test account
    • Try Phat Contract Console
    • Deploy the pre-compiled contract to our testnet
    • Invoke the contract, it will use its network access to read the Ethereum account balance for you
  • Build on Phat Contract will lead you to config your environment and compile your first stateless DApp with Phat Contract. It covers all the basic information including:
    • Environment setup
    • Programming language basics
    • User interaction
    • Local unit test
  • Store Contract States introduces the different storages you can utilize to store your contract states and data, including
    • Volatile local cache
    • Consistent on-chain storage
    • External storage services
  • Advanced Techniques includes advanced features like system contract and SideVM, which further extend the capabilities of Phat Contract.
  • Blockchain Infrastructure contains the system design of the underlying infrastructure that supports Phat Contract. It helps to understand how your contract is deployed and why it’s safe.

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