Prepare Test Account

We recommend to use Phala Testnet for contract testing.

To deploy your contract to testnet, you need to

  • generate your own test account;
  • transfer some test tokens to it to ensure you have enough balance to pay for the deployment transaction fee.

In the following tutorial, we use the Polkadot.js extension as the default wallet. Other wallets are available here.

Setup Your Test Account

Create Test Account with Polkadot.js

Never use your personal accounts for testing in case of unexpected financial losses.

  1. Install Polkadot.js extension;
  2. Choose your installed Polkadot.js extension;
  3. Click “+”, and choose “Create new account”;

  1. Keep mnemonic seed safe;
  2. Choose Network “Allow use on any chain”, fill in the descriptive name and password, and click “Add the account with the generated seed”.

You can refer to the Polkadot.js official tutorial for more usages.

Transfer Test Tokens

The balance of all the accounts is available on the Polkadot.js app.

  1. Send some tokens from any development account;

  1. Choose your account in the “send to address” and type in the amount (1000 is more than enough);

  1. Click “Make transfer”;
  2. Check your account balance in the Accounts page.

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