GateKeeper Guide

Before Starting

Running a Gatekeeper (GK) in Phala Network means a lot of responsibility. You will be accountable for not only your own stake but also the stakes of your nominators. Numbers of Gatekeepers can vary in different phases; and when Phala launches its mainnet, there is expected to be 100 Gatekeepers and they will share the inflation return of Phala economic system.

Once you've raised enough stakes (nominations) in current Era, you will automatically be enrolled as a Gatekeeper when the next Era starts. Otherwise, you will stay in the waiting list. You may try to stake more PHA or call for more nominator stakings.

In testnet Vendetta, you would need stakings from Phala team to be elected as a Gatekeeper. You may consult @ylyantonia on Telegram or Antoniaiaiaiaiaia#2727 on Discord for more detail.

Nominators will share the 5% inflation return with the commission deducted by according Gatekeeper. The higher the commission rate is, the less the nominators can share.

The table below may clarify the rewards mechanism. For more details, please refer to

A - Validator Pool
Nominator (4) Stake (600) Fraction of the Total Stake Rewards
Jin 100 0.167 16.7
Sam 50 0.083 8.3
Anson 250 0.417 41.7
Bobby 200 0.333 33.3

B - Validator Pool
Nominator (4) Stake (400) Fraction of the Total Stake Rewards
Alice 100 0.25 25
Peter 100 0.25 25
John 150 0.375 37.5
Kitty 50 0.125 12.5

Please do be aware that if you are not a productive Gatekeeper (e.g., constantly being offline), you might get slashed and lose a certain amount of your staked PHA as well as your nominators'. It would leave a permanent record on the blockchain which might affect your reputation as a Gatekeeper.

How many PHA do I need?

You can have a rough estimate on that by using the methods listed here. Gatekeepers are elected based on Phragmen's algorithm. To be elected into the set, you need a minimum stake behind your Gatekeeper. This stake can come from yourself or from nominators. This means that as a minimum, you will need enough PHA to set up Stash and Controller accounts with the existential deposit, plus a little extra for transaction fees. The rest can come from nominators.

Warning: Any PHA that you stake for your Gatekeeper is liable to be slashed, meaning that an insecure or improper setup may result in loss of PHA tokens! If you are not confident in your ability to run a Gatekeeper node, it is recommended to nominate your PHA to a trusted Gatekeeper node instead.

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