2.3 Upgrade Worker Node

To upgrade your worker requires it to stop first. Note that you may not want to stop mining on the blockchain (via Phala App). This command only stops the software rather than the on-chain state.

1sudo phala stop

The worker node can be updated in place:

1sudo phala update

Finally, restart your worker with:

1sudo phala start

Update and wipe data

This command will update the docker images AND removes all the saved data.

This operation is dangerous because it removes the worker identity, causing the worker pubkey changed. When the identity key is lost, your miner will become unresponsive and bear the risk of slashing. You will need to manually stop the original worker, wait for a full cool down period, and then withdraw your stake and start over. This command also removes all the blockchain history, which takes a few days to sync. Unless you understand what you are doing, please don’t run a clean update.
1sudo phala update clean