3.2 How to accelerate your node syncing if you haven't fully synced yet


If your node is not up-to-date, a typical node log looks like

2021-09-15 13:33:27 [Relaychain] ⚙️  Syncing 10.4 bps, target=#9236775 (20 peers), best: #9227955 (0xa897…4f36), finalized #9227895 (0x1d6d…1527), ⬇ 1.7MiB/s ⬆ 657.8kiB/s
2021-09-15 13:33:27 [Parachain] ⚙️  Syncing 40.4 bps, target=#400531 (1 peers), best: #396657 (0xb898…6c02), finalized #396443 (0xf470…2f54), ⬇ 378.7kiB/s ⬆ 1.6kiB/s

and best is too far from target.

This article shares a cheat way to accelerate your node syncing.

ATTENTION: If your node is near the newest block height (about several hours to catch up) or has already caught up, you don’t need to do anything, just sit and wait.

Download latest snapshot (Updated in 9/18/2021)

We recommend to use the BT download with torrent. You can check the SHA256 checksum of the torrent

$ sha256sum khala-snapshot-2021-09-17.torrent
595e448bfce90c6725de75d1f38462570d7142c41199375bc86d35f6809b733f  khala-snapshot-2021-09-17.torrent

Extract when downloaded, you shall get khala-node folder.

ATTENTION: snapshot archive is ~220GB, extract requires ~350GB, which means you require at least 600GB free disk space, if you don’t have enough space, consider extract to external storage.

Updated in 9/18/2021: We have updated the snapshot which does not contain broken data anymore.

There are community maintained snapshots updated more frequently. (Thanks to zozyo on our forum.) You may consider using at your own risk:


Please ensure Phala services are stopped, especially the node, if you’re using solo mining, use

1sudo phala stop

to stop Phala services.

Replace local data with extracted snapshot

If you’re a solo miner

Delete all files and folders inside /var/khala-dev-node,move all files and folders from khala-node into /var/khala-dev-node

If you do things right, inside /var/khala-dev-node it looks like

$ ls /var/khala-dev-node
chains  polkadot

Advanced miner

Find the node working directory, Delete all files and folders inside the directory, then move all files and folders from khala-node into it.

Restart Phala services

If you’re a solo miner, do

1sudo phala start

to restart services, then you shall find out your node has fast forward to a very close to latest status, then waiting few minutes or hours, then the node will catch up, and you can start mining now.