Claim Test Token from Telegram Bot

The following tutorials apply to Para-2 Testnet, which shares the same tokenomics parameters as the future Khala.

Before you start mining in Para-2 Testnet, you need to first get a Khala account and acquire test token from faucet (real PHA is needed in future Khala mining).

Claim Test Token from Telegram Bot

  1. Get to Phala Faucet You may need to download and install Telegram as prompted. Click “VIEW IN TELEGRAM” to join the group.

  1. Answer the arithmetic CAPTCHA from the bot after you join the group. For example, you should reply 16 in the following case.

  1. Choose a username. Click “Settings - Edit - Username” to set your username, or bot cannot recognize your applications.

  1. Send /drip [your_account] to get test token.