1.1 Register a Phala account

  1. Go to the account management page of the Phala Testnet: https://poc3.phala.network/polkadotjs/#/accounts

  2. Click Add Account

  3. Carefully write down the mnemonic seed and check I have saved my mnemonic seed safely, and then click Next. Note: Keep the mnemonic seed safe and secure!

  4. Enter a name and password (and confirm your password.) If you plan to run a Gatekeeper as well as a Miner, we recommend including the word "Controller" for a gatekeeper controller account and the word "Stash" for a miner stash account. Click Next.

  5. Finally, click Save.

  6. When the upper right corner shows the name of your account with "created account" underneath, you're all set!


Click on the icon of an account to copy the address.