1.3 Set Miner Stash

Connecting to Testnet Vendetta

Open the Phala Network PoC-3 Web UI at: https://poc3.phala.network

Creating Phala Accounts

You need to create two accounts: a stash account and a controller account. You may refer to this tutorial about how to create a single account.

Tip: to better manage your stash accounts and according controller accounts, we recommend to name an account pair with the same prefix. E.g.,

Emily Stash / Emily Controller

Obtaining tPHA

Please be aware that you will need to burn ERC20 PHA to obtain tPHA on testnet Vendetta. 1 ERC20 PHA = 1000 tPHA. tPHA has no value and CANNOT be exchanged back to ERC20 or mainnet PHA.

You may refer to this tutorial for how to obtain tPHA.

Setting Miner Stash

  1. Go to DeveloperExtrinsics (or click here)
  2. Choose phalaModuleSetStash(controller)
  3. Select your STASH account in the first line, and your CONTROLLER account in the third line.
  4. Submit Transaction, sign it and wait for the broadcast.