2.3 Verify the Miner State

Go to Developer -> Chain state :

  • Check miner score: phalaModule - >workerState -> choose your stash account
    • score.overallScore: the total points that a miner scores
    • features: number of enabled cores, and the level of your cores(1-4).
  • Check stash state: stashState
  • Confirm the binding between stash and controller addresses: phalaModule.stash(controller)
  • An example of all the details of mining state is shown below:

Mining State References

  • Empty: A rare tag to see if you have registered your miner successfully
  • Free: Your miner is successfully registered but haven't start mining
  • Gatekeeper: Your Gatekeeper role is enabled
  • MiningPending: Your miner will start mining in the next round
  • Mining: BlockNumber: Your miner is mining; the number aside is the blockheight where you start
  • MiningStopping: Your miner will stop mining in the next round (state changed into Free). Please go offline only after your miner state is tagged as Free, or else you may get slashed.