3.5 Upgrade Miner

Stop mining

If your miner is not in mining status, feel free to skip this step.

  1. Refer to this link to stop mining.

  2. Wait until the end of the current mining period (1 hour per mining period). If you stop the miner too early, you may get slashed.

  3. Run the following commands to kill the original containers:

    1sudo phala stop

Update the Phala miner and clean the local files

Run the commands below to remove cached data.

1sudo phala update clean

Update the Phala miner without clean the local files

1sudo phala update

Restart the Phala miner

Please re-do 2-1 Start the Phala miner

Reset database (for troubleshooting only)

Run the commands below to remove cached data. By default, the Phala node data is stored under $HOME/phala-node-data and the pruntime cache is stored at $HOME/phala-pruntime-data. If the path was changed in registration, please replace it with your path.

1sudo rm -r $HOME/phala-node-data
2sudo rm -r $HOME/phala-pruntime-data

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