4.1 Error References

Error How to Fix
No genesis block Please upgrade your miner node following these steps.
Failed to decode signature Please kindly check whether your node has finished syncing.
FailedToCallRegisterWorker You may refer to:
1. Go to https://telemetry.polkadot.io/#list/Phala%20PoC-3 and check whether your node has finished sycning;
2. type in sudo docker attach --sig-proxy=false --detach-keys=ctrl-c phala-pruntime to learn whether your pRuntime has been launched
3. type in sudo docker logs phala-pruntime to check your pRuntime logs and send them to the miner group for further tech support.
Bad privkey derive path Please kindly check your mnemonics in sudo docker run -d -ti --rm --name phala-phost -e PRUNTIME_ENDPOINT="http://IP-ADDRESS:8000" -e PHALA_NODE_WS_ENDPOINT="ws://IP-ADDRESS:9944" -e MNEMONIC="YOUR-CONTROLLER-MNEMONIC" -e EXTRA_OPTS="-r" phalanetwork/phala-poc3-phost
Type in sudo docker kill phala-pruntime to kill your pRuntime container and re-run it according to this section.
ConnectionRefused Please kindly check your pRuntime following the commands in 2.1 Deploy the Full Stack -> Deploying pRuntime