Estimate Your Reward

StakePool’s APR

$APR=\frac{PoolRewardPerHour \cdot 24\cdot 365\cdot(1-TreasuryRatio)\cdot(1-Commission)}{Delegated}$

  • PoolRewardPerHour is the theoretical estimation of the number of tokens mined in the next hour based on the status and attributes of the Workers in StakePool;
  • TreasuryRatio is a fixed amount of mining rewards that is handed over to the treasury, which remains as 20%;
  • Commission is the management fee left to the StakePool’s owner, which is also set by the owner;
  • Delegated is the total delegated amount in this StakePool.

Pool Owner Reward

$Owner Reward=PoolMined \cdot (1-TreasuryRatio) \cdot Commission$

Delegator Reward

$Delegator Reward = PoolMined \cdot (1-TreasuryRatio) \cdot (1-Commission) \cdot \frac{UserDelegation}{Delegated}$

  • UserDelegation is the delegation amount of a Delegator in the StakePool

How these variables affect reward

Human factors fall into the following categories:

  1. PoolMined: The better the performance⬆ of the workers in the StakePool, the more rewards⬆ mined, and the more rewards⬆ the delegators get;
  2. Commission: The higher the commission⬆, the less reward⬇ the delegators get;
  3. Delegated: The higher the amount of delegation⬆ in the StakePool, the less reward⬇ the delegators get.

Among them, the 1st generally does not fluctuate greatly. The 2nd depends on the credit of the owner of the StakePool, and the 3rd may change steadily.

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