Khala Network

Khala Network is the canary network of Phala Network launched on Kusama.


Khala, which is responsible for the technical and economic testing of Phala Network (also known as the Phala Network on Kusama), went live in September 2021. The economic models of the Phala and Khala networks have now been merged after Gemini Upgrade. Khala and Phala share the same responsibility for the overall network operations, providing decentralized cloud computing capabilities.



Khala and Phala have only one asset, PHA. K-PHA is the PHA asset circulating on Khala.

$$ K-PHA : ERC-20\ PHA : PHA = 1 : 1 : 1 $$

(As of now, there is no platform other than Polkadot.js that supports PHA on Phala Network)

You can transfer ERC-20 PHA and K-PHA on several decentralized and centralized platforms:

  • Decentralized platforms
    • SubBridge: a cross-chain hub incubated by Phala, few gas fees will be incurred for transfers.
  • Centralized platforms

Launch Process

Khala Network finished all launch plans, including enabling secure workers, removing Sudo, going live with governance, and opening a two-way cross-chain between Khala and Ethereum in SubBridge.

Full events available in:

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