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Phat Contract

Phat Contract is an innovative programming model enabling Off-chain Computation. It’s also known as Fat Contract as a practice of the “Fat Protocol & Thin Application” concept, and for its rich functionalities compared with existing smart contracts.

The Phat Contract inherits the self-enforcing and tamper-proof nature of smart contracts while introducing more advantages including:

  • Low-cost and zero-latency since most user interactions involve no on-chain transactions;
  • Supporting complex computation and long-live services without the worry about blocking the whole blockchain;
  • Native HTTP request support to connect multiple services;

Phat Contract focuses on serving Web3 backend function-level services and is meant to be a complement to existing smart contracts with its unique functionalities.

The Phat Contract is designed for the following use cases:

  • Low latency services like GameFi or Metaverse backends;
  • Compute-intensive applications like NFT rendering, machine learning, and big data analytics;
  • Privacy-preserving scenarios like a decentralized exchange and others where privacy matters;
  • Composable applications including Oracle, bots, and other applications involving one or more Web2/Web3 services;

Learn more about Phat Contract’s unique features and use cases, or start building with it right now following our tutorial.


SubBridge is the cross-chain router of the parachains, bridging Dotsama and Ethereum and assets in other ecosystems. Instead of building the cross-chain bridge itself, SubBridge is meant to connect the existing bridging solutions and forward the assets across multiple blockchains. By integrating SubBridge, you can leverage all the supported bridging solutions in it.

SubBridge is based on the “XCM + ChainBridge cross-chain protocol” to realize cross-chain transmission of assets and information.

Learn more about SubBridge and use it to transfer your assets across different chains, or follow the Integration Guide to add support for your chain and asset.


A Metaverse based on the Phala Network blockchain. PhalaWorld adopts the concept of Soulbound NFT to map the users' off-chain activities to the blockchain world.

Go to PhalaWorld official website.

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