Supported Assets

Currently, we have supported the following assets with the corresponding transfer routes. The table below shows which chains have been supported for each asset. For example, we can transfer ZLK between parachains and Moonriver EVM, but we cannot transfer it between parachains and Ethereum.

An asset id of type uint32 is allocated for each registered asset. Each asset except PHA on Khala/Phala will have an unique asset id. You can use pallet-assets to transfer asset to any accounts within Khala/Phala Network.

  • Assets on Khala network
NameLocationAsset IDParachainsEthereumMoonriver EVM
PHA(1, X1(Parachain(2004)))null
KSM(1, Here)0
KAR(1, X2(Parachain(2000), GeneralKey(0x0080)))1
BNC(1, X2(Parachain(2001), GeneralKey(0x0001)))2
ZLK(1, X2(Parachain(2001), GeneralKey(0x0207)))3
AUSD(1, X2(Parachain(2000), GeneralKey(0x0081)))4
MOVR(1, X2(Parachain(2023), PalletInstance(10)))6
HKO(1, X2(Parachain(2085), GeneralKey(“HKO”)))7
KMA(1, X1(Parachain(2084)8
BSX(1, X2(Parachain(2090), GeneralIndex(0)))9
TUR(1, X1(Parachain(2114)10
CRAB(1, X2(Parachain(2105), PalletInstance(5)))11
  • Assets on Phala network
NameLocationAsset IDParachainsEthereumMoonriver EVM
PHA(1, X1(Parachain(2035)))null
DOT(1, Here)0
GLMR(1, X2(Parachain(2004), PalletInstance(10)))1
PARA(1, X2(Parachain(2012), GeneralKey(“PARA”)))2
AUSD(1, X2(Parachain(2000), GeneralKey(0x0001)))3
LDOT(1, X2(Parachain(2000), GeneralKey(0x0003)))4
ACA(1, X2(Parachain(2000), GeneralKey(0x0000)))5

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