Error Summary



Error nameMeaningSolution
WorkerNotRegisteredThe worker is not registered in the registry when adding to the poolCheck the synchronization process and mining status of the worker
BenchmarkMissingThe worker doesn’t have a valid benchmark when adding to the poolMake sure the worker is mining and wait for the benchmark uploaded
WorkerDoesNotExistThe worker is already added to the pool-
WorkerInAnotherPoolThe worker is already added to another poolRemove it from the pool to which the worker is added before if it’s not the pool you want to add the worker to
UnauthorizedOperatorThe access to a worker is granted by its operator parameter set by register_workerCheck the config on the mining scripts
InsufficientFreeStakeCannot start mining because there’s no enough free stakeThe stake amount you set to the work is more than the free stake amount in the pool. Set a number that is less than the free stake or delegates more PHA in the pool
WorkersExceedLimitFailed to add a worker because the number of the workers exceeds the upper limit.Create another pool or remove the useless worker in this pool (Make sure the worker is stopped and reclaimed before you remove it)
CannotRestartWithLessStakeRestarted with a less stake is not allowed in the tokenomic.-
MinerNotReadyMiner is not in Ready state to proceed.Wait for a 7 days period of Cool-down and reclaim it when the period is finished
MinerNotMiningMiner is not in Mining state to stop mining.-
CoolDownNotReadyCannot reclaim the worker because it’s still in cooldown period.Wait for the 7 days period of Cool-down and reclaim it when the period is finished
TooMuchStakeCannot start mining because there’s too much stake (exceeds Vmax).The stake amount you set for the worker is more than the maximum stake amount of the worker. Set a lower number and try again. How to calculate the maximum stake: Phala Tokenomics
BenchmarkTooLowIndicating the initial benchmark score is too low to start mining.Make sure your worker has a high-quality computing power. Restart your mining scripts and check the mining score on the mining status. If the mining score is still under 100, the worker will not be allowed to participate the Phala Mining.
MinerNotFoundMiner not found.-
MinerNotBoundNot permitted because the miner is not bound with a worker.-
WorkerNotBoundNot permitted because the worker is not bound with a miner account.-
InternalErrorBadTokenomicParametersInternal error. The tokenomic parameter is not set.Please contact the Phala Team the bug you meet, thank you


Error nameMeaningSolution
InadequateCapacityThe stake capacity is set too low to cover the existing stakeSet a higher cap that is not less than the amount of existing delegation
NoRewardToClaimThere’s no pending reward to claimKeep patient and learn about the Principles of payment events
AlreadyInContributeWhitelistCan not add the staker to whitelist because the staker is already in whitelist.-
ExceedWhitelistMaxLenToo many stakers in contribution whitelist that exceed the limitremove the useless whitelist in this pool


Error nameMeaningSolution
StakeExceedsCapacityThe stake added to a pool exceeds its capacityYou can’t add the delegation amount more than the delegatable amount of the pool
InsufficientContributionThe contributed stake is smaller than the minimum thresholdSet a delegation amount that is more than 0.01 PHA
InsufficientBalanceTrying to contribute more than the available balanceYou don’t have enough transferrable balance. Check your transferrable balance
InvalidWithdrawalAmountThe withdrawal amount is too small (considered as dust)The withdrawal amount should be more than 0.01 PHA
NoRewardToClaimThere’s no pending reward to claimKeep patient and learn about the Principles of payment events
NotInContributeWhitelistInvalid staker to contribute because origin isn’t in Pool’s contribution whitelist.Ask the pool owner to add you to the whitelist

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