Runtime Bridge 2.0 Release Note


Runtime Bridge 2 uses P2P technologies to improve the mining experience. It allows multiple lifecycle instance share data providers to reduce storage pressure and support data provider redundancy to ensure overall stability.

  • To use with docker: docker pull phalanetwork/prb:next
  • To use monitor with docker: docker pull phalanetwork/prb-monitor:next


The internal communication protocol has been refactored with libp2p(The same protocol that Substrate uses), which provides component discovery ability to build a setup quickly.

Also, we’ve made it a separate package to make the API easier to use. Run yarn add @phala/runtime-bridge-walkie to add it to your Node.js app simply.

Source code:

Detailed documents will be up with the stable release of Runtime Bridge 2.

Data Provider

The old fetch component has been upgraded to data_provider. It does the same as the old fetch component but also serves as a blob server.


One lifecycle instance now runs multiple runners if it has too many workers due to the thread-safe model of Node.js.

Saved critical information is encrypted now. The raw polkadotJson can be no more exported.


The monitor can discover running components automatically thanks to libp2p.

Updates from beta.0

  • Fix: OOM issues
  • Fix: BlockNumberMismatch

Known issues

  • Data Provider: Synching from the P2P network is not implemented yet.
  • Monitor: The functionalities to add/edit/delete workers/pools are not implemented yet.
  • Trade: Will deprecate bee-queue in future releases.

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